Ignore threats of substitutes, ceramic tiles might be marginalized

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In the pass Foshan fairs, it was expected to appear more innovated products. However, most companies are innovated by changing designs only focusing on “diamond glazed tiles” or “glazed marble stones”. One of the most two impressive and creative products we found is that inkjet soluble salt, as the new vitrified tiles, keeps the durable characters of traditional vitrified tiles but also could better to create the marble designs as traditional inkjet glazed tiles. This is meaningful as reduce the design variable distance between inkjet glazed tiles, it might be an opportunity to fight to get back the market share of vitrified tiles which was lost in previous few years after the appearance of inkjet glazed tiles. Another potential innovative product is light weight and slim tile as improved uniformity of material performance and function, with environmental protection concept from all over the world, the competitive advantage of this kind of product will be gradually highlighted.

The market lacks of new products in this year. An important reason is that under the influence of industry environment, most of the enterprises are in the busy contraction front, reduce investment in order to survive, even the strong and powerful brand companies, are also trying to explore a new mode of change carefully, in order to avoid to be a risk crisis as if choose wrong breakthrough direction. Therefore, the enterprises are less to motive to invest on production innovation by government pressure and industry pressure.

Corresponding to this is that the intruder from outside the industry, is the glass stone from a glass enterprise, which draw tile enterprises’ attention in the Foshan fair. As we concern, both of traditional glazed tiles and this new kind of glass stone have their advantages and disadvantages on aspects of production cost, performance, functions and designs. This kind of glass stone is technically tempered glass by inkjet on the back, so far is not a threat of tile but mostly could be a risk to natural marble wall and deco pillars. On the other hand, the threat from different industry could push traditional tile enterprises to continue keep themselves to be sense of crisis.

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