Characteristics of Floor tiles

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The innovation of floor tiles, in addition to introduce various designs, creation of its function is also a new direction of development. For example, heat preservation and heat insulation tiles, using porous body, volume density in 0.6 ~ 10 or so, again on the body surface with glazing treatment, make it has the effect of heat preservation and heat insulation of porous materials, but also has the characteristics of the glazed tile. This kind of tile also can be produced without glazed treatment , firing surface will naturally formed a cover, such as using red mud as blank firing tile body which is quite natural and easy.

Another innovated product in the market is discoloration glazed tile, glazed with a composed of rare earth metal oxide color agent, produced by the use of light electronic leaps, appearing different level of energy, thus glaze could present to select different level of absorption and reflection, resulting to different color in variable visible range.

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